5th Betts hit sacrifice fly to right, Pollock scored. 8 2 4th Smith singled to center, Betts scored, Seager to third. 7 2 3rd Pederson singled to left, Bellinger scored and Pollock scored, Pederson to second. 6 2 3rd Pollock singled to left center, Turner scored, Bellinger to third. 4 2 3rd Turner singled to left, Seager scored. 3 2 3rd Seager reached on infield single to shortstop, Betts scored on throwing error by shortstop Tatis Jr., Seager to second. 2 2 2nd Grisham singled to shallow left center, Myers scored, Castro to second, Cronenworth to third. 1 2 2nd Cronenworth walked, Hosmer scored, Myers to second, Pham to third. 1 1 2nd Bellinger grounded into fielder’s choice to second, Muncy scored, Smith out at third. 1 0

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