According to Mujib Kasule, Fufa has already decided to have 12 teams during the 2021/2022 season, despite it only being proposed last week

Proline FC have accused the Federation of Uganda Football Association (Fufa) of bullying top clubs in the Uganda Premier League in order to have a truncated league.

Last week, Fufa released a proposal to reduce the number of top-flight teams from 16 to 12 from the 2021/2022 season.

However, Proline director Mujib Kasule has stated the decision taken by Fufa was already final since it was taken by the Fufa executive committee and the next move is to impose them on UPL clubs whether they agree or not.

“These are not proposals, everyone who gives an alternative view is viciously attacked by Fufa,” Kasule is quoted by the New Vision.

“If they feel these proposals are good, they [Fufa] were supposed to consult the clubs first to know their views since they are the owners of the league.

“But because they knew that when they bring it the clubs will dismiss it, they are now forcing it on the clubs and floating it around to see who rejects it.

“Recently Fifa came out with different proposals they wanted to give Africa, but they did not decide for Africa.

“But rather Fifa president Gianni Infantino met with the Caf executive to ask their views about the proposals and Fufa president Moses Magogo is one of those that contributed.

“This shows that Fifa respects Caf.”

However, according to Kasule, it is a different case for Uganda where Fufa, in their usual bullish manner, dictates how clubs are supposed to manage their league.

“When you look at the constitution of Fifa it shows that members will always conduct their business independently,” Kasule continued.

“According to our constitution, the league must be owned and managed by clubs through their company and these 16 clubs are direct members in the Fufa assembly.

“Fufa has weakened the assembly, that’s why they pass decisions in their executive meeting which is supposed to be done by the assembly.

“There is a sinister plan by Fufa to own the league. Fufa was supposed to approach the owners of the league [the clubs] with their proposals to have their say, not the executive to first decide then send it to the clubs. Fufa has weakened the clubs to the extent that some can’t come to fight for their rights.”

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Kasule pointed out the Fufa executive was not right in making the decision, saying it should have been done by the Fufa assembly.

“The decision-making body is the assembly. The executive can implement the decisions taken in the assembly. However, the executive can make suggestions that have to be brought to the assembly.

“In a situation where there is an emergency before the assembly sits, the executive can take decisions but all those decisions must be ratified by the assembly. 

“The role of decision making is not for the executive but rather the assembly. The assembly was weakened and the clubs fear to come out comment on such,” he noted

Kasule’s statements come at a time when Fufa boss Magogo said during a local radio sports show his executive can take decisions without getting input from the assembly.

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