This past week, I got on a nonstop flight from Orlando to St. Louis to visit my brother and sister-in-law and their one month old daughter! I organized a plan with my mom and Dennis to meet up in the St. Louis airport (after we all got our necessary shots to be around the baby a couple weeks prior) and surprised Travis (dad stayed home to help take care of Paca in her Assisted Living Facility)! We then made our way back to their apartment and surprised Christine (and her parents who are staying with them to help with the baby) and finally met Margot! I intentionally omitted her just out of respect for her privacy, but any time I wasn’t filming what we were doing around the apartment we were all taking turns holding and loving her! The day ended with fishing in Forest Park and a few exciting cuisines of food that I don’t often get to enjoy! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon!



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