A young boy with autism and an obsession for Toy Story could not hide his delight when he returned home to discover his parents had transformed his room to look just like the famous movie series. From the iconic cloudy sky to Buzz’s space rocket – and even an etch-a-sketch-themed TV – Jacob Christopher’s new room would have looked right at home in the iconic Pixar franchise. There was also a slinky picture, the famed plastic soldiers coming down the wall, and hand-made letter blocks on the wall that spelled out Jacob’s name. The surprise took place on March 7, at eight-year-old Jacob’s home in Ocala, Florida. Jacob has both autism and a condition call Smith-Magenis syndromee, which has impacted his language skills, behavior and sleep. Having recently been on vacation to Disney, Jacob fell in love with Toy Story, his mother Jessica Christopher said. Jessica wanted to surprise her son, and so she and her husband, William, spent a whole day transforming his bedroom. As he walked into the room, accompanied by William and his siblings – McKenzie, 9, and Schyler, 7 – Jacob simply walked around and around in amazement, staring at his parents’ creation. He then went up to Jessica with a huge smile on his face after he was asked, “Do you love it?” Many of the family’s friends have seen the video and have commented to say that her son deserves this. By sharing the video, Jessica hopes to raise awareness of the little-know Smith Magenis syndrome that her son suffers from.


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