Nothing like finally posting this video 9 months after I made it… shot this lil diddy back in May when I was preparing to leave the USA again.

I’m still living with the same ol’ stuff I packed back then (aside from buying new sandals because I always always always am destroying shoes from all the walking!) — and I’ve managed to travel in Italy, Croatia, Hungary, France, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia… and now Australia with minimal purchases of new clothes!

Here is a look into what and how I pack my bag… and as you can tell – there isn’t really some strict method I follow because I know no matter where I go I can always find and replace stuff as needed.

Overall, my recommendations are:

– Pack light and choose a small carry-on size backpack (40 liters will work!)
– Use packing cubes and small bags to stay organized.
– I still suck at packing shoes… if you find a better way by all means let me know!
– Baby wipes and perfume are your best friend ūüôā

Happy Travels!



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