Hey guys , we are back with a new vlog i.e.., a travel vlog : a random surprise trip ❤️
This is a travel vlog where we covered how we traveled and what we did while travelling ✨
Episode 1 and episode 2 would be coming soon of where we went and what we explored there ❤️
So stay tuned for that too those episodes would be of great fun too 🤗
#Surprisetrip #Busjourney #travellingvlog

Special thanks to Sam Sahil Khan ( S2k Photography ) for the amazing thumbnail ❤️🤗

We hope you liked this travelling vlog
For more updates , catch us on our Instagram accounts :-

Mehak Gupta – https://instagram.com/mhk_guptaa?igshid=dxqv49gppt15

Vishu Setia – https://instagram.com/vishuu_setia08?igshid=ey03s7bi8ncb

Episode 1 and Episode 2 Coming Soon ♥️🤗



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