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The stock market was both ways today as the NASDAQ & Tech found ways to go up despite Apple’s stock drop and the overall S&P 500 down. I go over this push and pull volatility and what it means for the market. Specifically at these levels and this crucial options expiration on the 16th, I go over my analysis and opinion how I think a big stock move can proceed depending on how the news plays out. The stock market was indeed more wild then yesterday, however the smaller moves and random rotations still points to earnings and the rest of the bank stocks this week. After this brief market recap, I go over my portfolio and stock picks. I cover 3 stocks to buy now, which I will be looking at the rest of this week or I have already traded. The main focus will be the new vaccine stock winner, which I think is REGN, then following up the 5G continuation from VZ stock. IT IS GOING TO BE EXCITING SO I HOPE YOU ARE READY! POST YOUR WATCHLIST BELOW AND SEE YOU IN THE MORNING!

How to pick stocks for your long term portfolio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VzDJ6CsDe0

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