I could not believe this trip all! It turned out to be such a great magnet fishing day and I was just heading out looking for new spots! I’m glad I had my camera to say the least!
Big news next upload about magnetstore.uk and myself!

Merch coming soon!๐Ÿ˜€

Be sure to use coupon code magnetjunkie for 10% off @ brute magnetics

My equipment:
550kg pro from the Magnetstore UK
2100# Brute Dock Buster
1200# brute single sided
1500# Wukong double sided
Grappling hook
GOpro hero 7

Music :
Savannah Sunshine by Dan Henig
Channel Id: UCK0ePBXwnDZuZjF6xy3l77A

RhythmOrganyzer by Noir Et Blanc Vie
Channel Id: UCIUATMnLtNo51kKuv95R1UQ

#magnetfishing #magnetfisinggoneright #magnetjunkie



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