On this bushcraft trip I loaded my Norröna synchro flex 120 L to the max. 30 Kilos of love lol. I was lazy and even brought a lot of water and way to much food for a short trip like this but did not plan it at all. Nice contrast to the previous video for sure. Had some fantastic stew and Rioja vine. Next morning the lake was like a mirror, just had to go for a slow ride in the canoe in the mist. Got some nice shots there. The Stew was made out of roast beef meat and the mushrooms was chantarelles and stone fungus, the rest of the ingredients are pretty obvious so won’t go into detail. The spice was my favorite at the moment, Santa Maria Italian herb mix for sallad. This time I tried my new DD tarp 4x4m in the enclosed setup. Worked really good because the wind was moderate. Its downside is it dont work good in really high winds. And before the 1000 comments: what did you do to the fish what did you do to the fish etc.. I took it home and feed the wife and kids. It was way to big to eat for one person. Thank you for watching!



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